Speed Dating for Economists

"Everybody wants the concussion-proof helmet, but there's no such thing." — Rich Polo, Endzone Sport

 "There's a lot of money to be made in this industry ... you just gotta find it." —Katherine Stewart, realtor

"Your heart rate goes through the roof. You start sweating ... It's very, very visceral." — Conrad Miller, Professional Drone Racer

"I've literally gone into the bath tub and gone under the water to get away from them, and I can hear them UNDER the water." — Karen McDermott, Manhattan resident

"There's no longevity in MMA. One wrong kick, one wrong move. That's it. Your whole career's over." — Jerome Mickle, MMA Fighter

"Something snapped for me ... I realized the future of peer-to-peer organizing was going to be online." — Matt Mahan, CEO, Brigade

Can app makers conquer American antipathy towards politics AND turn a profit?  At the end of the day, the only thing at stake is the future of our Democracy ... 

"Facebook is the only place in life where the more friends I get, the more I feel like a loser."

"I felt my heart racing ... and I felt like I was going to throw up." — Israel, on his first time on stage

When Israel was a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, he was surrounded by gangs, guns, and drugs. He never thought he would live to see his twenties, let alone do what he now does for a living: exotic dancing. Here, a peek into how Israel was saved by stripping ... 

An audio portrait of the most contested strip of asphalt in the city: Central Park Drive. On it, joggers and cyclists crowd alongside cars, pedicabs, and horse carriages. And because of that, traveling on the drive can often feel like an extreme test of your reflexes, if not your capacity for human empathy ...